Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh the tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive

Now ATW is all about being clear and concise as can be seen in the comment section towards commenter "Jen". She makes several statements and It-Wolf takes her meaning literally and thinks that is enough to call her out and 'prove' she is a liar. Well I am going to show the ties between all of these people and sadly - a well respected dv advocate and author has allowed himself to be suckered into this. Or maybe not, time will tell when and if It-Wolf decides to feel froggy again. So far we have nothing but silence from that side of the world. Well as they say it is time for the games. Janice and Adamt Wolfe (which is a fake name and should be reported to Facebook as such) is friends with Lundy. Check one.

Adamt Wolfe is also friends with Bill Windsor. As you can see from Joey Is A Little Kid author has covered the tragedy that is Bill Windsor since November 27, 2012 and has increased the coverage when Bill Windsor decided that AMPP is a hate group (see AMPP is a Hate Group). It was then that gingersnap decided to cover Bill Windsor full time since Joey Dauben was headed to jail and the Bill Windsor saga was so much more entertaining with his cease and desists and most recently his abates. Dangerous connection - check

You can see below that Adamt Wolfe is also friends with Act of Courage. Who is Act of Courage? Well he is also known as Glen Gibellina also known as Lawless America Florida. By all appearances from his postings on Twitter, Facebook, LA FL blog, and the LA page he despises women. Does that include his own mother? He uses the Act of Courage moniker in order to give himself high fives on various articles he writes, when he is not dragging his ex wife back into court to make her pay or asking the courts to suspend child support for 54 days (when he pays it - you can look him up and see he has a judgement for past due support owed to his children with no proof it has been honored and cleared). More dangerous connections - check

Now below you can see that Janice Levinson refuses to be open about her friends list (if you are afraid of something, then make a personal page/wall and a professional page/wall - many advocates do that). But you can see who she follows. And as shown below she is too afraid to friend Adamt Wolfe from It-Wolf blog, but she will follow him.

Now the comical part that we must all ponder is the likes on Adamt Wolfe's page. I only took screenshots of those who are supposed to be protecting victims, or those who have a dangerous connection, but there were 25 friends on Adamt Wolfe's page. At least 6 of them had to do with bullying. Now after reading and participating in the It-Wolf blog, one must wonder if Adamt Wolfe joined these bully pages to stop bullying or to get pointers on how to do it effectively.

You can also see by the like of Adamt Wolfe, that he likes several dv pages, even more bully pages, all things that on the face of it would make one think he is a very true person who wants to stop bullies, dv, violence, sexual assault. So please explain to me why he bullied 'Jen' and why he allowed others to bully 'Jen'?

She did not have one call as stated by several on that blog - it was day after day after day, week after week after week, month after month after month. Jen wanted proof that Lundy was involved and never received it until 3 years after the phone calls stopped. Jen was dumped after putting in valuable hours that were taken away from her family, her obligations in order to assist in what she thought was a very good cause.

Now Jen is targeted by PMA members, Adamt Wolfe, Bill Windsor and many others? And do we forget about Lorraine and Claudine who were also targeted by Bill Windsor and Adamt Wolfe.

Lorraine is angry and rightfully so. Janice and PMA states that PMA does not get involved in individual cases. Well they did get involved in Lorraine's case when Lorraine went to jail because Lorraine's daughter refused to go with her father. Lorraine spent days in jail before the father was finally forced by the courts to take his daughter. Daddy dearest Craig was going to not get this child so the mother could sit in jail - "like the monkey she is" (statement by the father of Lorraine's child). Lorraine is finally released from jail as stated above because the father was finally FORCED to take the child, and Lorraine comes home to see how things fell on Facebook, and what is the first thing she notices? The page set up by PMA/Janice with only PMA/Janice and Lorraine as owners/moderators, is now something to do with Wiccan worship? What was the meaning behind that? Was Janice trying to send Lorraine a message? Was Janice angry with Lorraine as show was with Jen due to Lorraine's absence from the computer and inability to give more time to PMA while she was in jail?

Then we have Claudine. Claudine is one of the parties to the Mother's Day petition to the IACHR regarding battered women losing custody. The time is nearing a conclusion on that case. The Gonzalez case was returned and one would think a decision would be close for this case as well. There is so much involved which would explain why it is taking so long for a decision. Janice, It-Wolf is and could potentially destroy a decision on that case due to their constant internet harassment of Claudine.

We also can see on It-Wolf's blog that not only does he go after AMPP, but indirectly he goes after BMCC (Battered Mother's Custody Conference), CPPA (California Protective Parents Association), MOLC (Mothers Of Lost Children), Kathleen Russell, CJE (Center For Judicial Excellence), and many more. Yet they do not say one word about Bill Windsor and his stalking of innocent and many times handicapped victims? They do not say a word about the hate spewed by Act of Courage towards women on his blog and Facebook page? More on this to come, I simply wanted to reveal this before it "goes away", because we all know things have a tendency to disappear on the Internet.

More to come folks and please do not hesitate to add anything below in the comments. If you have any pertininent screenshots, please email those to me with an explanation behind each one. I can be reached at Shayne Sheep


  1. Here is the scoop: Igor Malenko (of Maine) allegedly molested his own then 2 year old daughter. Lori Handrahan, Mila's mom reported it. Attorney Michael Waxman (a known Fatherhood Rights proponent) defended Igor, covering up evidence, using his influence with child protection heads, and lying about Lori. Waxman has a NETWORK consisting of: Dawn Henderson of Dublin, Ireland, Sarah Tyrrell of Dublin, Ireland (the two propagandists and cyber-stalkers). Why would two women from Ireland be involved? Something in each of them hates mothers. They both are in contact with Inesa Jenza, a Social Media Coordinator for Children Without A Voice (CWAV, USA) in Feasterville, PA. This organization is Fatherhood Rights.

    Inesa Jenza was under the umbrella of Rick Calhoun of Michigan (Dominick's Law-which is a law passed in 2012 after Rick's grandson was killed by Brandon Hayes. The law gives mandatory sentencing for the killers of children AND for bystanders who knew about it, even if that person was abused themselves, such as Corinne Baker, who is Dominick's Mom- who placed her body on top of her son to protect him as Brandon kicked them both.) Corinne Baker was charged with 2nd degree murder, and was advised to make a plead deal of 13-30 yrs, which she did. Now she is asking for a new trial because she realizes that she was not responsible for her son's death. So, The Fatherhood Rights Groups want to make it a crime for mothers who are beaten to be jailed with the fathers who kill- They are pushing for this law to be passed in ALL states. Inesa Jenza's state of Pennsylvania is on the verge of passing it as we speak. This is an FR bill.

    When you see a group that says they are for "Children's Rights" it is 99.9% of the time Fatherhood Rights. So we have a behind the scenes Fatherhood Rights Web of MEN telling women to attack Protective Mothers of America, including Dr. Lori Handrahan (Washington D.C./Maine) and Maria Melinn (Michigan), and to attack any supporters of these two women.

    The 7 "players" in this web who have contact with one another are: Rick Calhoun in contact with Inesa Jenza. Atty Michael Waxman in contact with: Dawn Henderson, Sarah Tyrrell, Inesa Jenza, AND Julie Buchanan, an accountant from Cordova, Tennessee. All subjects are in comms with Julie Buchanan, including Igor Malenko. It is not yet known what Julie's role is - possibly acting as the money coordinator or banker. I believe that Maria Melinn is targeted because she is in Michigan, and Dominick's Law has already passed there. Plus, Hanny Melinn (Buck Melinn's mommy) is in direct contact with Sarah Tyrell and Dawn Henderson, and most likely is a Fatherhood Rights Groupee.

    So there you have it- the link between Lori Handrahan and Maria Melinn- why they are both targeted by the Among the Wolves Blog (Dog Blog). PMA and Lawless America are tied to the dog blog and to each other in this grand scheme. This is only a part of the larger Fatherhood Rights WEB. Any questions?

  2. We plan to expose that as time permits as well. Thank you papsutter.

  3. Noticed when I made a comment here on this site that it was immediately ACCEPTED! Unlike another site that has published only half of my comments, and spliced up many of my other comments... Thanks for allowing a FREE flow of information. It is refreshing. I wanted to give an outline of the players in the Fatherhood Rights Web, which relates directly and indirectly to your entry for today. Thanks again.

    1. No problem papsutter. You will also see that over at my newest friend's website ran by gingersnap you can also comment freely - you do not even have to give your name. You can be anonymous. That reminds me - I did set this to not allow anonymous commenters, I think. Shucks I do not know :-) We will see I guess.

  4. BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA You got JanASS by the short and curlies!

  5. To help with your "investigation".

    Read re Lori.

    Then read re Maria.

    Loving the conspiracy theories though Sutter. Very entertaining.LOL.

  6. Please that the trouble to read this before passing judgment on anyone.Thank you,

    1. MichaelsWish is a slander site set up to target Maria Melinn and anyone who should exercise the civil right to support her. Take a look at the garbage on that site about me. You note that under that section where they attack me personally and my history, they fail to mention that the attorney I retained for a custody issue with severe DVA at its core became intimately involved with and married a relative to opposing party 1.5 months into representation of the case. Sure makes for some interesting outcomes; but, they leave that pivotal point in the history out of their narrative. What's that tell you? How much can you trust that's printed there? Want a good laugh, read WHAT THEY CLAIM TO BE: "The Expert Handwriting Analysis Report" --- gee that's funny, they forgot to post the authentication of expert analysis name, licensure, etc. Wonder why? Probably because the report is a work of FICTION written by Sarah Tyrrell. Consider one grossly distorted point in this so called report: "Michael signed the note Judas". Look at the note. Does it appear as the last word at the end of his statements? No it's surrounded by other ideation that was going on at the time of the event. What they are doing with the web site is called: "Building a believable-false reality" on the internet.

  7. a matter of fact I do take care of my 88 year old mother, a full time job, what's in your wallet?

    By Glen Gibellina
    Why Dad's Matter - Airing this fall Manatee County TV METV
    SARASOTA, FL. 2013 - Mission Statement: Why Dad's Matter was created as a means by which dads can gain parenting skills, network with other fathers, receive free education on topics specific to men and be connected to community resources. Why Dad's Matter has brought together a broad spectrum of men of all professions and ages, all of whom are committed to being successful, nurturing Dads. Thanks to this common goal no one has ever felt like a stranger; the friendships are immediate and the camaraderie sincere for both fathers and children alike.